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Atelier Casabella is the result of over twenty years of experience in working with solid wood profiles and mouldings. The design, production and finishing are all strictly carried at our production plant in the Marche region, a few kilometres from the Adriatic Sea

Atelier Casabella style stands out for the elegance of its forms and above all, for the quality of the varnishes, paintwork, and surface finishes. We have just presented a lacquer finish able to withstand scratches and knocks. This finish, which is matt like chalk, is available as a further option on our skirting line. For our products we mainly use solid Ayous wood from sustainably managed and certified forests. For some models we use MDF with a formaldehyde content lower that the required limit. The lacquer cycle on every Atelier Casabella product consists of six stages that contribute to obtaining the quality that our clients recognise as being superior to standard

The mood of a prestigious space needs care and attention, including to detail, and our collection means you can furnish classic, contemporary or modern interiors.

Purchasing Atelier products means purchasing quality.

Bespoke boiserie


Atelier Casabella wall panels are genuine decorative features that can transform a wall space into a furniture unit.

There is nothing more exclusive than a bespoke product. Our skilled carpenters are able to make different types and styles of wall panel, including to customer design; they are all cut and lacquered by hand and ready to be easily installed, even in the bathroom thanks to optional primer protection on the back of the panels. We offer different types of wall panel: from the simple mouldings glued directly to the wall, to the 100 cm skirting and on to the whole wall. For an estimate and 3D render, free of charge, just contact an authorised Atelier Casabella dealer or send your design with measurements and the type of wall panel you require.

Purchasing an Atelier product means purchasing quality.